Purpose of the Framework

Purpose of the Framework

As an Academy, our focus is on long-term individual player development.  We strive to give each player the skill set, knowledge and experience necessary to decide for themselves where, and to what extent, they wish to take their soccer careers.   As coaches, our goal is to step away and be able to say “you make the decision”.   Becoming a well-rounded and successful soccer player at the highest levels of competition requires a balance of mental, physical, and emotional factors, all of which must be fostered throughout a young player’s development.

The long-term goal is to develop players who have a lifelong passion and love for the game.  The WSA Development Framework aims to build an effective structure for soccer development by following three main objectives.


More University and Professional Players

  • Develop a high-quality player development infrastructure for the development of NCAA Division I and II Canadian University-level players.
  • Provide opportunities for players to train with and be identified by a wide variety of collegiate level coaches across Canada.
  • Provide opportunities for more young players to compete at the Regional and National levels in Canada.
  • Inspire more young players to compete in the highest men’s and women’s professional leagues in Canada and internationally.


Increase player numbers & skill levels from a young age

  • Develop a structure for youth players built on long term player development principles.
  • Adopt an early engagement approach to enhance the joy of soccer and to support players falling in love with the game.
  • Provide more structured opportunities to accumulate more soccer hours through homework, evaluations and deliberate practice environments.
  • Recognize players’ development and achievements through a Player Recognition Program, regular evaluations and continuous individual feedback to motivate players and develop good training ethics.


Retain participants in soccer for life

  • Deliver high quality soccer experiences for all participants at all levels in the game.
  • Provide more soccer opportunities specifically tailored to individual players’ needs based on their motivations, aspirations and ability levels.
  • Educate more coaches on Maui and in Hawaii on the importance of comprehensive player development over building teams for the sake of winning games and playing in tournaments.
  • Bring well-qualified coaches from across Canada to provide players with exposure to a greater range of coaching styles and expertise in the game.