World Soccer Academy’s Enrollment forms and policies

WSA Academy Tryout process

WSA Academy has Open tryouts:

The primary objective of tryouts is to identify players with a strong level of commitment and skill level whom are seeking to further advance their skill development at a more competitive level.


All players intending to try out for a WSA Select team must register by completing the waiver form prior to participating in their appropriate tryout session. You can get a tryout by getting a call or email from coaches, or by parents requesting a spot for their kids to be in our academy

Tryout Procedure:

The player will be invited for 4 sessions where he/she will be assessed against criteria based on physical, technical, mental and tactical skill levels. The first two session, we evaluate their soccer skills in comparison with the other academy players. If they fit among this group we accept the players. If the players skills are above academy average will invite them to practice with the Elite players for two session, and we evaluate them among this group.

Player Notification:

After tryouts have concluded, all the players will receive an email and a phone call from the office notifying them of the results. If the players skills are below academy average the parents will be notified. If the players skills are above academy average the players and parents will be notified to register with WSA academy. If the players skills are above the academy average the player will be ask to register first with the academy program for 5 months, and if they develop accordingly they will be invited to sign for the Elite program.

The Code of Conduct and the Harassment Policy must have been read and agreed to by all athletes and coaches: