WSA finds ways to continue training players during coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus has completely changed everything that we do as a sports organization. We had to create a comprehensive plan for our WSA teams to ensure that our players continued on their development plans. Those plans shifted to go virtual. These unprecedented times called for unprecedented measures and WSA created individual programs for each of its teams. These programs revolved around virtual meetings on Zoom or for soccer IQ classroom work, fitness and speed/agility training programs with Ralph Ohin, and live team sessions with coaches each week. WSA also utilizes the videos which has training tools such as skill enhancement, drills, and individual challenges. It’s not necessarily difficult, but it’s all new and different.

Every time that we do something new, we are improving how we deliver the training. It’s not only new for the coaches but it’s new to the players as well. All of the stakeholders have to get used to it and find the positive in it. Our staff has done an amazing job every week enhancing our delivery to our players in the virtual training programs.

Virtual training has yielded a significant positive result because it allows coaches and trainers to work one-on-one with their athletes and learn about their games on the field as well as their mindset off of it. This has created stronger bonds and trust between players and their coaches. Our staff has learned so much about our players through the added time that they have not been at fields or at games. We are learning so much about the players and, in return, the players and their families are also learning about our staff.

WSA has adjusted its training to keep its players safe during the  COVID 19 Pandemic Winnipeg behind the leadership of Eduardo Badescu and WSA’s staff maintained communication with players and their families while making a commitment to not only keep resources focused on the players’ growth, but to add even more – such as webinars, video training programs, and growth and development plans – to make up for time missed on the field. T-shirt competitions, webinars for parents and Q & A’s with colleague coaches.

WSA has stepped up from day one of this situation. Our leadership team, which is made up of five directors developed a comprehensive plan that is a living document that each day, week, and now month, has been improving with the focus on providing the best for our players at WSA.

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